The Yak Collective is a loosely coordinated network of over 300 independent consultants, coaches, and freelancers with varied technical and creative skills.

Formed in March 2020, Yak Collective has released two reports so far:

  • Don’t Waste the Reboot, YC’s inaugural report offering organizations a smorgasbord of 25 creative and unexpected provocations, ideas, and action frameworks to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

  • The New Old Home, which explores rediscovering the home as a production frontier as “work returns home” in light of remote work trends and the effects of the global pandemic.

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The Yak Collective is a group of 300 independent consultants, gig-workers, and creators. If you are a working indie consultant, or have a few years of work experience and aspire to become one, we encourage you to apply here.