Yak trails 2021-05-30

Project exhausts and Discord convos

Herewith a roundup of what Yak Collective indies have been up to this past week. Yaks can jump on the server to join in. If you’re not yet a Yak Collective member, check us out and consider joining here.


I’ve been wondering, what’s the internal time zone here? Our cadence is driven by “things happen when they happen” and “it’s always lunchtime” (inspired by Douglas Adams megadodo publications/Alice in wonderland mad tea party). It’s a generally slower and more relaxed time zone. People who drop in and expect a corporate time zone are either confused or impatient, because this kind of tempo would be unsustainable in a regular workplace driven by financial budgets. I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to ceremonialize and signal our time culture. / #

#yak rover project updates

  • Infinity and Beyond. Print battery, RPi holders. Bring up Rpi, try to write some RISCV assembly.

  • Stubborn. Started modifying commands to be time-based. Convert all the commands. I'd really love to start on some plans for an updated ground station. Brown outs can lead to a lot of confusion. But if you are monitoring the uptime of your rover and it suddenly resets that's a pretty good indication. There are methods of capturing the reason an Arduino resets, but it looks like it requires custom boot loaders and poking at registers.

  • Wonderful Wandering Growth. Break down camera, start stereo analysis, make camera multi-access using v4l2loopback. Some hybrid of stereo and SFM. Stereo seems more difficult than expected.

#infrastructure project updates

  • installed Bookmarker bot to help yaks with tracking posts of interest

  • weekly Wed call reviewed handling calendars, yak trails set up, server bots

#recent working agenda adds by channel

Yaks can use $agendalist to view channel agenda and $agendaadd to add to the channel agenda.

  • #coffee-with-a-yak
    id 72. what’s our stack for the Yak Cafe service? profiles for yaks, for team conversations, for scheduling, for calls, for coordination messaging?
    id 73. what’s the workflow/ux for Yak Cafe lifecycles? for yaks to profile themselves, to define cafe groups for conversation, to join a group or leave a group, to initiate a conversation with a cafe group
    id 74. what are ToS for Yak Cafe for the yaks and for guests?

  • #infrastructure
    id 48. UX for convening an event (same topic/time for live call)
    id 59. Roam API? repo last updated 4 months ago
    id 69. update or archive #subscribe-projects

  • #internal-learnings
    id 63. agree on channel lifecycles. start. pause. archive

  • #future-of-governance
    id 18. establish content licensing model for website content
    id 19. establish financial governance model
    id 36. discuss a mechanism for publicizing things that require no new infrastructure, just a clear statement of recommended behavior

  • #philosophy
    id 76. on Sunday morning (8am CST) we are continuing to read Rene Girard’s The Scapegoat (chapters 11-13)

  • #yak-marketing
    id 13. how to build a calendar of expected marketing events
    id 27. interactive serendipity engine for yakc
    id 44. review xxx’s proposal for coffee with yak

  • #yak-rover
    id 31. discuss how to publish project on yakcollective.org
    id 55. limited scope participation
    id 56. legal and IP for rover assets/code


  • id 35. looking for a tech lead/collaborator my new startup! (I've coded a good chunk in MERN + GraphQL, but everything is flexible / fine to throw away / plan to transition to Postgres)

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