Yak trails 2021-06-06

Project exhausts and Discord convos

Herewith a roundup of what Yak Collective indies have been up to this past week. Yaks can jump on the server to join in. If you’re not yet a Yak Collective member, check us out and consider joining here.

#yak rover project updates

  • Stubborn. Completed next iteration of command language. Much more usable. Operability tests performed by a 6-year old to great success. Will plan to focus more on drivability. FFWD command, for example, kicks so hard it registers as an impact. Need to develop some sort Attack and Decay concept. Each time the rover would break due to either my software or a loose wire, the 6-year old assume it was her fault. Being more accepting of faults seems like a critical engineering lesson to teach.

  • Wonderful Wandering Growth. collected images to use for trying out various stereo/sfm/flow algorithms, and ideas and papers thereon. sunglasses using polarized strips, maybe from an LCD display, more work on vision and/or on closed loop. stereo is still hard. insight: reality has a surprising amount of detail. instead of trying to regularize it, maybe rover can glorify in it and use it. added some twitter functionality. consider twitter polls

#infrastructure project updates

  • we started on the idea of a YakCollective legal layer (licensing, IP protection, confidentiality, YakC incorporation). an intention of #coffee-with-a-yak was to facilitate casual, pre-formal conversations with potential team-mates and potential clients

  • discussed ui for projects. raising visibility of new and ongoing projects. consider moving project ui to knack

  • discussed ui for server bots

#recent working agenda adds by channel

Yak projects are coordinated in server channels. Yaks can use $agendalist to view channel agendas and $agendaadd to add to the channel agenda.

  • #coffee-with-a-yak
    id 72. what’s our stack for the Yak Cafe service? profiles for yaks, for team conversations, for scheduling, for calls, for coordination messaging?
    id 74. what are ToS for Yak Cafe for the yaks and for guests?

  • #infrastructure
    id 48. UX for convening an event (same topic/time for live call)
    id 59. Roam API? repo last updated 4 months ago
    id 69. update or archive #subscribe-projects

  • #internal-learnings
    id 63. agree on channel lifecycles. start. pause. archive

  • #future-of-governance
    id 18. establish content licensing model for website content
    id 19. establish financial governance model

  • #philosophy
    id 76. on Sunday morning 8am CST we are continuing to read Rene Girard’s The Scapegoat

  • #yak-marketing
    id 13. how to build a calendar of expected marketing events
    id 27. interactive serendipity engine for yakc

  • #yak-rover
    id 31. discuss how to publish project on yakcollective.org
    id 55. limited scope participation
    id 56. legal and IP for rover assets/code


Two channels on the server focus on what folks use to get stuff done as an indie consultant: #tool-time and #production. This week we highlight what tools is Nitzan Hermon using:

Emails — mailchimp.com/ > buttondown.email/ > Ghost
Sites — Jekyll > Ghost. Cargo. Persona.
URL — bundled — CBS + Coaching + Thirdness + The Third Space (soon) + blog + (paid) email > www.in-process.net on Ghost
URLs — unbundled — homepage byed.it on Jekyll; research: everything-will-happen.com, meta-medium.com and complexity-design.com on Jekyll; studio: www.future-of.agency on Cargo (I am likely to change this); misc: artsandscience.co on Persona; design.byed.it on Cargo (archive)

#links shared